Mergers and Acquisitions

At Murphy Mahon Keffler & Farrier, we are called upon frequently to negotiate complex mergers and acquisitions for our clients, both in the oil and gas industry and in other fields. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling all legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions of privately held corporations.

Buyers and sellers often have differing concerns. We regularly handle both sides of mergers and acquisitions and are deeply familiar with how best to protect the interests of our client, whether our client is the buyer or seller.

Representing the Buyer in Mergers and Acquisitions

When our client is the buyer in a merger or acquisition, the primary concerns involve the financial integrity of the business and the ease with which the business will be able to continue operations. To protect the buyer's investment, our law firm provides legal guidance on these and other matters:

  • Transfer of employees
  • Obtaining financing via asset-based lending
  • Drafting employment contracts with new employees
  • Restructuring the business entity
  • Limitation of liability
  • Legal compliance of the business with relevant environmental and other regulations

Representing the Seller in Mergers and Acquisitions

When our client in a merger or acquisition is the seller, the primary concern is to protect the seller from any further legal liability after the sale. This is also known as indemnification and it is a highly negotiated aspect of the sale of any business.

We also structure covenants not to compete on the buyer's behalf and draft consulting agreements that allow the seller to stay with the business in a consultant's role for a period of time.