Commercial Transactions

At Murphy Mahon Keffler & Farrier, we handle commercial transactions on a daily basis for a wide range of clients. Along with commercial litigation, commercial transactions are the backbone of our legal practice.

Our law firm handles commercial transactions for clients in a wide variety of industries:

  • Oil, gas and mineral industries: We negotiate the acquisition, lease and sale of oil and gas assets, both unimproved and developed. For more information, also see the Oil and Gas Law page of this Web site.
  • Commercial real estate: We handle all legal aspects of the purchase, sale and development of land for commercial purposes. For more information, also see the Commercial Real Estate page of this Web site.
  • Purchase and sale of ongoing businesses: We handle the transfer of stocks or assets in mergers and acquisitions of ongoing businesses. More information is available on the Mergers and Acquisitions page of this Web site.
  • Construction transactions: We negotiate construction agreements for the improvement of real property on behalf of contractors, architects, owners or general contractors.